A little about me...

My name is Suzanne.


I love to help people see opportunities in the midst of challenges, and to celebrate their successes with them. 


My husband says I have enSUZiasm!

      I'm a daughter, wife, little sister, aunt, friend, teacher, speech-language pathologist, and professional organizer...and I've had my share of organizational victories and defeats! I LOVE to categorize things, I've never met an office supply I didn't like, and cleaning things out is actually FUN for me. I just have an eye and a brain for order, and a heart for people. I'm famous (or maybe infamous) for getting a vision and having to move furniture at midnight. 

But for all the things I've organized, from the Agatha Christie collection by publication date (seriously...I did that!) to umpteen work and personal files to the humble sock drawer, I finally figured out what real organization depends on. Not the color-coded labels, or the cute baskets, or just the right bookshelf...all helpful, but not critical elements. I believe that genuine, lasting organizational successes are really about getting a new perspective on what's important to us, what we're ready to let go of, and what we want our spaces to reflect. That's not easy, but once we do it, we're really ready to organize! 


Here are some of the obstacles I've had to overcome myself...maybe you can relate:

  • putting off projects until I could figure out how to do them perfectly (like never!)

  • being overwhelmed by all the decisions needed to clean certain stuff out

  • hanging onto things out of guilt, attachment, or...my latest realization...pride, even if hanging onto them was a burden


I understand from personal experience how hard it can be, what can get in the way, and how it can just be easier to let the decisions go for one more week...month...year! But I also understand the peace and satisfaction that come from being in ordered, lovely space...YOUR unique space. If you're ready, I'd love to guide you through your own organizing roadblocks and challenges, all the way to success.


Now, I'd love to hear your story!

Just in case you're asking, "Why would I want to hire a professional organizer?"...

Not everybody has the time, energy, will, health, or skill set to complete their organizing projects on their own. Sometimes life events and circumstances get in the way, and people who would otherwise handle a project on their own decide to take advantage of professional assistance. Some people recognize that, even under the best of circumstances, organizing isn't their strong suit.


No matter what your situation is, you want to know you're working with someone you can trust. I adhere to a Code of Ethics as a Professional Organizer, and I invite and encourage you to follow the link below to review it. 

June 2020


With some life changes coming as a result of COVID-19, I am not taking any new referrals at this time. You can search for an available Houston organizer among my able colleagues at www.napohouston.com

If you are a previous or existing client, I would be happy to explore the option of phone coaching or virtual sessions to help you address your organizing project(s). Just drop me an email, text, or phone message!

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