Some of my work...and what people say about working with me.

A craft room...

"Organizing is a difficult task for me and I struggle to part with items. With Suzanne’s help, I was able to talk through the process. She helped me let go of useless things I was holding on to. Her patience and support was great. After going through everything, she assisted with creating functional space that I could keep up. My husband was shocked at how much work we did. I also was able to learn how to continue this process throughout my home. The process was fun!"

-Melissa in Santa Fe
A simple drawer...

Do you have clothing that never quite makes the cut? You store it, but something else always wins out? That was my t-shirt deal. Strategy: Just admit I didn't truly want to wear some of them...ever. I ended up with half the t-shirts. Then I had room to add stuff from another drawer!

Guest cottage storage...

"What I really appreciated about Suzanne was that she struck a balance of letting me take a few strolls down memory lane, while still keeping us focused on the task at hand. At the end of our time together, the goal was accomplished! Now when I walk into that storage space and see my nicely labeled tubs, I just breathe a sigh of relief. I would absolutely recommend Suzanne to anyone who needs help organizing their life!"

-Terri in Magnolia

One file at a time...

The drawer was PACKED with files I'd accummulated over 30 years of teaching and speech therapy. OK, honestly, all FOUR drawers were packed! The turning point? Realizing I didn't need the paper to prove I knew stuff! Once I tossed the first never-referred-to file, more started to fly out of that drawer! One pass, half the paper. Not bad.

"She has a wonderful way of listening to the problem and guiding the other person to the right solution!"

-Former Co-Worker
Master closet conundrum...

What to do with this closet? Small, triangular shape, large built-ins, limited hanging space, and NO long hanging space for my client's dresses. Crazy builder!

Solution: Some hard choices were made about what really needed to occupy that precious space, and the favorite dresses finally got to come out of the corner! Hoorah! We maximized the built-in storage, and eliminated storage containers that weren't efficient. After just a few hours of hard work, the closet was much more functional.

Pantry project

"Suzanne is a pleasure to work with! In addition to her kind and generous personality, she is clearly organized and motivated to make sure the solutions we came up with together will work for my family and my daily use. 


We re-organized my large kitchen pantry into zones with logical locations based on how often we access them and who accesses them.  For example, my kids have a snack shelf low enough for them to reach, and we can keep the snacks for adults out of reach.  Suzanne broke down the sorting process into realistic chunks to keep me from being overwhelmed and we made it through.  Suzanne also came prepped with several storage options that we could use as placeholders until I am able to purchase my final choices, and this really showed me how the pantry will come together. 


Just scheduling the time to make this a priority was a huge benefit to me, and I hope Suzanne will come back and help me with closets next!"

- Debra in Clear Lake
It's the little things...

Yes, it's just the gift bag supply. But it's important.


We can use these very limited, achievable tasks to build our organizing skills and confidence, and then...look out big stuff! 

Why don't we start with a simple phone conversation to see if you've just found the organizer you were looking for! 

June 2020


With some life changes coming as a result of COVID-19, I am not taking any new referrals at this time. You can search for an available Houston organizer among my able colleagues at

If you are a previous or existing client, I would be happy to explore the option of phone coaching or virtual sessions to help you address your organizing project(s). Just drop me an email, text, or phone message!

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