The Big Picture

I work with people just like you and me

who need a new perspective on their space and stuff

so they can get it in order and actually have

time and energy for what's really important.

Simple and Straightforward Pricing


$50 per hour

2-hour minimum 


What I Organize
...even the kitchen sink!

clothing and accessories

storage closets

holiday decorations

books and libraries

tools and garages

gardening supplies

kitchen everything!

pantries and refrigerators

craft supplies and craft rooms


bedrooms and living spaces

home offices

paperwork, files, and mail


toys and playrooms

pet supplies

linens and bathrooms

tablecloths and serving items

off-site storage spaces

Give me a call. Let's see if my services are a match for your project and situation.


Service Options

Flexible to meet your needs.

Scheduling Options


You can request a one-time session to get you going, schedule sessions one at a time at any interval, or reserve multiple sessions ahead of time, depending on what works best for you and your project.

Usually, 3- to 4-hour sessions are the most productive, but there are exceptions. Some people can power through for a longer period of time, and some need a break after a couple hours. I work primarily weekday mornings and afternoons, but have some evening and Saturday appointments available, too. 




Every project starts with the same process. The first thing we'll do together is identify your goals, prioritize them, and plan specific steps to get 'er done. 

Partnership Options

What you're aiming for will determine how we work together and what you need me to focus on. It's a matter of how you want to both get organized and stay organized.

No matter which partnership option you prefer, you will always be the one to decide what stays, what goes, what moves, and what doesn't. It's YOUR stuff! As we strategize, do keep in mind that I will do light lifting of boxes, furniture, etc, but heavy items will require an extra set of muscles.

Coach Me

If your goal is to both get organized and learn how to organize at the same time, this is the partnership option for you. I'll focus on teaching you as we work side by side, coaching you every step of the way, so you acquire and practice the skills needed to tackle new projects on your own and to maintain what we achieve together. 

Get Me Started

If your goal is to do most of the project and maintenance work yourself, but you need help getting over some stumbling blocks, this is the option for you. I'll focus on helping you problem-solve whatever is in the way of getting started, getting over a hump, or making a needed adjustment. Once you can see the way ahead on your own, I'm outta there! 

Customize It My Way

If your goal is organized space, but you want me to take on more of the hands-on organizing load, let's talk about a cutomized approach for you. No matter how much you want me to do, you'll still be involved in setting your goals, identifying the barriers and the available resources, and making all final decisions about your own stuff. 

How Much Time?

Every organizing situation is unique, and that's why sessions are individualized for you.


My goal is to facilitate organizing sessions that match your specific needs and your preferred work style in the most efficient way possible. That includes following your lead to find your "just right" pace and helping you make decisions as quickly as possible. 

Factors that affect the pace of any project include:

  • the amount of stuff that we need to go through

  • the ease or difficulty of making decisions about items

  • the ability or inability to complete tasks between sessions

  • the ease or difficulty of staying focused during work sessions

  • extra tasks you want to address, such as inventorying items, preparing items for re-sale or donation, etc.

If you have a small project, such as a pantry or closet, or just want some trouble-shooting help and instruction on how to go about organizing yourself, one session may be all it takes.

If you want help to get through a medium-sized project, like a master bedroom, closet, and bath, you're probably looking at a few sessions, depending on all those factors above.

If you have a big project like preparing to down-size, it's going to take more time, naturally. You might need help over several months in little chunks, or you might need help to get it done quickly with a concentrated amount of time.

If you still have questions, check out the FAQs or call me and we'll talk about your specific project.


June 2020


With some life changes coming as a result of COVID-19, I am not taking any new referrals at this time. You can search for an available Houston organizer among my able colleagues at

If you are a previous or existing client, I would be happy to explore the option of phone coaching or virtual sessions to help you address your organizing project(s). Just drop me an email, text, or phone message!

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